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Whispers In The Walls, Gameplay

I animated the 3 vendors in Whipers in the walls, Fish- Fibonacci, Deer/Dog Tagfer, and Bird3 the huge cassowary. After release there was a big demand for the players to be able to hug the characters they had grown fond of, so I animated a small cutscene you earn once you're friendly enough with each of them respectively. I also helped out on a few of the murmur "legs" animations while I was between tasks.

Animation: Elyse Gymer
Mocap: None! All Hand-Keyed.
Animation Direction: Geoff Crookes
Art Direction: Kary Black
Character Artist, Tagfer, Bird3, Fibonacci: Thiago Moraes
Character Artist, Legs: Olena Shchypanovska
Lighting: Derek Patterson
Sound, Written/Produced: Matthew Chalmers
Sound, Produced/Directed: by Erich Preston